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Dress Code:  


It’s important for students abide by our liberal dress code policy for the following reasons:


•  A neat and tidy appearance sets an attitude of attentiveness and respect for students, teacher, and the art of dance.

•  Teachers must be able to see the dancer's body outline clearly in order to make proper corrections on posture, alignment, etc.

•  Hair must be properly secured and tied up off of the face and neck for all styles of dance.

•  Jewelry must not be loose or dangling.

•  Gum chewing is not allowed due to danger of choking, appearance, and to protect others and the dance floors.

•  No loose fitting pants, pajamas, blue jeans or t-shirts (they are not dance attire).

•  No costumes are allowed in class unless a dress up day is announced by the individual teacher.


To be a dancer in this art, you must feel the part!

Payments are accepted either by Credit or Debit card in the parent portal. Check or Cash is also accepted in person. September and June payments (first month/last month) are debited during the first few weeks of dance (TBA).

Tuition will be debited thereafter on a monthly recurring schedule starting with the 1st Friday of every month from October to May.

Dance Concepts offers a "Year Paid In Full" option which families will receive a half month free if the full year of tuition is paid by the last day of September. Payment is accepted by check or cash only. If for some unforseen reason the dancer cannot complete the entire year of dance, the unused portion of the pre paid tuition will be refunded.

Each dancer is required to pay a costume deposit which is due towards the end of October (exact date TBA). This amount is debited from your account in the parent portal.

Additional Fees: Each student and /or family is responsible for payment of other dance related expenses such as costume balances, competition fees, S/D/T charges and recital tickets. These expenses are not automatically debited.

IMPORTANT: *Only monthly tuition and the October costume deposits come out automatically. Any time you wish the office to do a one time withdrawal for an expense other than tuition, you need to e-mail the office. As always, payment by check or cash is always accepted in the office.

Family Discounts

2 children: $20

3 children $25

4 children: 3 at full rate 4th is FREE

(These discounts are figured in with your monthly tuition plan)

Additional incentives:

Pay year in Full by end of September and receive 1/2 month Free

Pre register before recital and your registration fee will be waived